How To Create Free iTunes Account | No Credit Card Needed

Since iTunes is a valuable platform for downloading movies, music, themes and apps for all Apple devices, when you purchase an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod, you definitely need to create an iTunes account in order to have access to all of them. Unfortunately, to create such account, you need a credit card number to create a paid account. But now, users have the possibility to create free iTunes accounts and no credit card is needed. However, for this process, you must know that you cannot transform your old paid iTunes account in a non-paid one. You have to follow the procedure without signing in to your account.

Follow these easy steps if you want to know how to create free iTunes account with no credit card needed.

Step 1: Open iTunes on your computer and search throughout the application the section Change country. Then, you need to select the name of your country. If you are signed in with your old iTunes account, sign out.

Step 2: When you visit iTunes again, find the Free Apps section and select a random free app. Then, try to download it.

Step 3: At this time, iTunes will tell you that you are not signed in, and you need to complete your personal information in order to start. Now, you have to tap on the Create Apple ID option.

Step 4: A new Welcome window will appear. Press Continue in order to start creating your new free iTunes account.

Step 5: Next, you need to agree with all terms and conditions imposed by Apple.

Step 6: This step is about your personal information. You need to fill in any field such as your email, password that needs to be 8 characters long. At the end, you need to enter your birthday.

Step 7: After you filled in all the fields, you have to click on Continue option. This will lead you to another window.

Step 8: This is about the payment method. At this point, you need to select None as a payment method and then, continue to fill in the other fields with information.

This is about it. You now have a free iTunes account and no credit card is required in order to create it. Next time when you enter iTunes, you need to enter your new free iTunes account and get all the free stuff you want so much.

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